Life & Disability Insurance

Life Insurance does not insure life, it insures the continuity of a lifestyle and a standard of living, in either personal or business life.
At King Insurance we strive to ensure that your business is properly protected. We have various Insurance companies that we work with to provide proper coverage for your small, medium or large business. Whether you’re a new business start up or have been in business for over 50 years we can provide a comprehensive solution to protect one of your largest investments.

Life insurance & Disability insurance

Permanent Life Insurance protects you for your lifetime and can build savings that you can draw on later and provide a death benefit. You can select an investment mix that is as individual as you are – taking into account your financial goals and circumstances and the amount of investment risk you’re comfortable with. Whether your buying your first house or having your first baby its never to late to consider a life insurance policy to fit your needs.

An accident or illness could strike at any time. Would you be able to pay your regular monthly bills and any additional medical costs that may arise while you are unable to work? By purchasing disability insurance you would have income in place in the event an accident or illness causes you to stop working.

As Manitobans, our provincial government provides us with health care coverage. However several expenses such as prescription medication, dental costs, eye exams, and ambulance costs are not paid for. King Insurance is partnered with several companies which offer different plans to customize the coverage to your needs.

A Critical Illness or condition such as heart attack, cancer or stroke can change your life by affecting you physically, emotionally and financially. Critical illness insurance products provide you with a one-time, lump-sum benefit at a critical time in your life. How the money is used is up to you. Under most policies, the insured which has been diagnosed with a critical illness or condition named in the policy, may contact Best Doctors Inc. who can provide medical referral services that can assist you in making informed health care decisions.

Paying too much for your current life insurance? Contact us to find out how much you can save.